Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Only Vicious Dog Solution

Nearly 12,000 NZers sustained dog bite injuries last year (incl.more than 1700 on children under 10).
loving family pet?
Stunning! Over 30 a DAY, so we're obviously only hearing the tip of the iceberg in the news. And so often when it IS reported, it's an attack on a child...such as three recent instances:
a 15mth.old wanders next door with his new toy lawnmower on Xmas Day and is attacked by a tethered pitbull with a history of running at people; a Rotorua 9yr.old has deep cuts to her head and arm after being bitten by an American bulldog while walking the dog with its owner; an Ashburton 3yr.old's throat is ripped open by a doberman Staffordshire bull terrier cross, apparently wanting the toddler's chocolate...
And the response?
NZ Kennel Club pres Owen Dance says dog attacks are inevitable until parents have a better understanding of dog behaviour, and can advise their children how best to approach an animal. Ok, so how many years must a child be confined until they're old enough to be a "dog whisperer"?
Auckland Council proposes tough new laws (incl.desexing uncontrolled dogs caught twice in one year).
Local Govt.Minister Nick Smith dribbles the usual crap about "taking a fresh look at the rules".
But dogs can't read, so it comes back to the owners. Gangs like pitbulls because they intimidate people...and you can guarantee hoods wouldn't give a damn about 'tough new laws'.
The SPCA ranks pitbulls No.1 on the list of instinctively aggressive dogs. Let's face it: the breed was created for fighting. After a 2003 attack on a 7yr.old by a Staffordshire bull terrier cross, four breeds (American pitbull terrier, dogo argentino, Brazilian fila and Japanese tosa) were classified "menacing" and their importation banned. But those already in NZ were left to breed and interbreed freely. And so the situation continued...
If we seriously seek a 'golden bullet' solution, then that IS the solution. ALL dogs classified as "menacing" or "dangerous" should be put down forthwith. Rangers should have the power to instantly impound and destroy any of those breeds they see. All owners of such dogs should be ordered to surrender them immediately or face the consequences. If that involves the breaching of some gangs' precious civil rights by storming their HQ to remove guard dogs, then so be it, as it's in the Public Good.
NZ needs to stop pissing around and DEAL with this situation HARD.
The only good vicious dog is a DEAD vicious dog.


Madame48 said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Having been brought up on a farm around dogs & having my own pet dog now, I am by no means a "dog hater" however I have also been the victim of dog attacks, in both instances by German Shepherds. This was not due to the dogs being a vicious breed but directly attributed to the irresponsible handling & training of their owners. I was a teenager at the time, not a defensless small child. These sort of attacks are terrifying & traumatic!
I totally support having known vicious/fighting breeds put down and empowering authorities to take whatever steps are deemed necessary to eradicate them.

NZ Pounamu said...

Oh what a load of Hogwash from the Kennel Club. We've owned a dog for years so I have a very good understanding of dog behaviour. It didn't save me from dog attacks in my job as a postie for six years.

I used to avoid delivering mail to entire streets because I got tired of being taken to by the wayward, aggressive dogs in them. And yes, these were the streets full of crims.

The dog ranger service was constantly being asked by NZPost to act but, at that time, they said they couldn't do anything unless they saw the dogs behaving aggessively or were ordered by police who only intervened if the incident was serious - which was too damned late.

The worst attack I had was being pulled off my bike by a bull terrier with a history of aggression that was owned by known criminals. It's frightening being shaken about while you foot is firmly clamped in the jaws of a marauding dog.

What golden rules are parents going to tell children about judging when an 'instinctively aggressive' dog is gonna turn. Stay away from the dog? How about just get rid of the dangerous dogs and teach kids to have fun with nice dogs.

TheRationalReality said...

You people make me absolutely sick! There have been dog attacks EVERYWHERE WITH EVERY SINGLE BREED ON EARTH! DONT BE FUCKINBG MORONS! If you dont have the attention span to watch your child while they are in potentially threatening situations then you shouldent be allowed to have children in the first place. Secondly just because a certain dog is aggressive BY NO MEANS! does this mean every member of that breed is a killing machine... and to YOU Madame48.... that is LITTERALLY the most ignorant thing i have ever heard in my entire life. The day a cop walks on my lawn looks at me says your breed has been deemed illegal and trys to "Eradicate" him/her.. thats the day that cop isnt not gonna be leaving that lawn... Take a second to think about things befor you post ignorant comments idiot. I truly hope you meet an unpleasent end very soon, because its idiotic morons like you who have made this worl a shitty place to live.

Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

Well, wasn't THAT a most rational response from whoever calls themselves TheRationalReality...
I can only assume the "unpleasant end" wished upon me will be a death-mauling by a pitbull.

Get Real! said...

So there have been "dog attacks EVERYWHERE WITH EVERY SINGLE BREED ON EARTH!" Anyone know someone who's been licked to death by a poodle???